The sound of rain needs no translation

My belated entry for Global Game Jam 2017 @ ULHT Lisboa. This year's theme was Waves and I adopted two of the proposed diversifiers to build a wordless, color-agnostic game. It's essentially an abstraction of Missile Command designed to create a palpable tension between the players' sense of duty and their self-preservation when confronted with the prospect of total annihilation. Once the jam's submission deadline came and went, I took an extra day to finish it properly before release, bringing total development time to 51 hours over a 3-day period.


Aim with the mouse.
Fire missiles by pressing [1], [2], [3].

[F] Fullscreen
[N] New game
[C] Credits


<missile.kmd> for Windows (53 MB)
<missile.kmd> for Linux (127 MB)
<missile.kmd> for MacOS (69 MB)
<missile.kmd> CAPX Source (19 MB)